Showing related data in multiple data grids

I am trying to display related Categorization information in 3 data grids as shown here. Selecting a Category should show related Ticket _ Type entries, and selecting a Ticket Type should display the related Ticket _ Item entries. I am able to get related data showing in 2 tables using the deprecated Shared context/Listen, but not for 3 tables, and obviously I should not be using deprecated functionality. I tried instead to use an X-Path constraint but can't get this to work - for example, for the Ticket _ Type table, I used [CTI.Ticket _ Type _ Ticket _ Category/CTI.Ticket _ Category/Category = Category] but this does not work and displays errors. What is the correct way to set the relationships between these 3 data grids to show the related data?
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Hi David,

To let one grid's selection determine another grid's contents, you should place the second grid inside a data view that listens to the first grid.

In your case, the grid on Ticket_Type should be placed inside a data view on Ticket_Category. This data view should listen to the grid on Ticket_Category using the 'Listen target' property. For the grid on Ticket_Type, you can use either a path from the Ticket_Category data view or an XPath constraint to constrain the contents based on the selected Ticket_Category object.

The same holds for the grid on Ticket_Item. It should be placed in a data view on Ticket_Type, which listens to the grid on Ticket_Type.

Hope this helps, let me know if any of this is unclear!