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I know the free edition is limited to 100 Mb file size and 100 Mb database size. But how to check the size of the program and database you are working on? Is this the same file size as the extracted backup files? Or is there a place in the Mendix dashboard where to check these sizes? Thanks, Bert  
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Hey Bert,

As mentioned by Mike Kumpf the free app limitations have been changed to “0.5Gb Database and 1Gb Files”, and there is no dashboard or “Metrics” page to display the statistics of your sandbox environment.

If you want to check the size of your files (occupying the file storage) you can download the backup, unzip it and check the total size of the tree folder, and if you want to check the size of your database then you can restore the database backup file (in the db folder inside the unzipped backup directory) and see how much it occupies (since backups take way much smaller space).

For more details on how to restore a Mendix cloud database backup you can refer to the following URL:

For more details on free App limitations you can refer to the following URL:



The resources for Free Apps have been changed and are now as follows:

Also, FYI, Free Apps can have at most 50 concurrent users.  You can find this info on this page:

As to checking the amount of data in an app, Free Apps don’t offer access to live statistics in the Monitor tab of the cloud portal, so I would check the size of backups (which you can download).  

Another thing, I don’t believe the space occupied by your model/deployment package counts against the file size limit, but perhaps someone from Mendix can comment on that.

Hope that helps,



Up to this point I’ve seen you can push it up to 10Gb Amazon S3 and 1Gb database Postgres rows. In terms of concurrent users, running some load testing you can push it well beyond 50 concurrent anonymous users.

To measure your database size, just use java

function dbsz(){
    var ds=com.mendix.core.Core.dataStorage();
    		    var dbname=a.getCatalog();
    			var stmnt;
    				new java.lang.String(
    					'SELECT pg_size_pretty( pg_database_size(\''+dbname+'\') );'

In fact just write a front end interface for this so you don’t have to deploy for silly things.

You can write an SQL statement for the System.FileDocument sizes, or you can write a Microflow aggregate action for the files, use the Mendix runtime API in Java that does much the same thing, or create an overview of the System.FileDocument base class (MBM security permitting)

At the time of writing this the sandbox disks mounted for your user has a capacity of 4G, and depending on your project, is usually halfway occupied already. In terms of ram, 61G total, but just 400M free