calling an URL to get out of mendix app

i have created an input screen. after data has been entered they press a confirmation button. this opens the next page after they have confirm that the data is correct they press a button to commit the data.  now i was hoping to call an URL and drop out of the app. or at the very least just go back to where the app was called from. i like to do anything but stay in the app
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The URL redirector will do that for you.  You can find it here:



Hi all

This question has been asked and answered numerous times, so on a related note...

I would like to ask if anybody has come up with a server side redirection solution. It is possible to get down to the org.eclipse.jetty.server.Response and call sendRedirect() to send a 302, but because of the ajaxing nature of server side executions and the fact that no mxclientsystem stuff is implemented for handling this, the redirect never happens. It would be very nice to have server side redirection in Mendix.