XPath constraint based on a member of the CurrentObject

I have a dataview with, say, entity A, and a datagrid inside it with entity B. The entities share no association, however they have a number attribute which might be the same. My purpose is to show all entities B which have the same number as the current entity A. How can i achieve this? In short: i would like to achieve the behavior of the following (invalid) Xpath constraint on the datagrid of entity B: [Number = '[%CurrentObject%]'/Number]
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I have not tried to do this yet and so am not sure how to do it. But if i recall correctly it is possible to let a microflow fill a datagrid?

If thats the case you could do a retrieve on the database in that microflow and return it to the grid.

Another option would be to create a temp object that temporarly stores your retrieve which you then show in your datagrid.


has anyone figured this out? Thanks