Roles in MX differ from SRUM

Why have the team members the  role of scrum master and the scrum master the role of user in MX Well that is in our project  
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Dear Bas,

please take a look at this learning path; Rapid developer

It will help you understand the project roles.



Hi Bas,

if i interpret your question correctly. The user has the role "scrum master” as project role in the mendix cloud environment, but the role user in the created Mendix application.

The roles in the Mendix cloud environment differ from the roles in the created application. This is because the roles in the Mendix cloud define what you're allowed to do in the cloud.

The roles in the application define what you're allowed to do in the application. You can manually create new roles in the application, add moduleroles/rules and add these to your users.


Application / user roles:

Mendix cloud roles: