Not properly merging

Hi all, We are running into an issue with merging on 7.23.4. We are merging the dev branch into the main line. The dev line has a new microflow (SUB_1), which is not present in the main line. In the dev line the microflow (SUB_1) is being called from different other microflows. (we made sure all changes were committed before merging) After we merge (using advance merge to bring in all the revisions) there are some conflicts, but not to do with the missing microflow. However, the new microflow (SUB_1) is not in the main line. The microflows that did get updated are trying to use the microflow (SUB_1) are showing this change. But they are referencing a non-existing microflow. So for some reason, this microflow (SUB_1) did not get merged. Does anyone have any ideas on why this would happen or how to prevent/fix this? (We noticed some of the other work from other branches also did not get merged into the main line) 
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If you are sure that the new microflow is part of the revision(s) that you merge to Main, then it should arrive in the Main. Does Tortoise tell you anything?