Some thoughts on the Rich text editors

In the appstore we now have multiple rich text editors. The rich text suite is the oldest and since it is not so good compatible with newer Mx versions no longer maintained. That leaves us with the Bootstrap wysiwyg editor and the CKEditor. But each has its advantages and disadvantages. Most problamatic issues are showing of hyperlinks or embedded images and making sure that the saved HTML text does not have dangerous tags in them so that the text also can be used without breaking PDF generation. Both apps have the status of community. So no support from Mendix on these apps. May be it is just me, but I feel that at least one should be Mendix supported. Showing rich text is in my opinion such core functionality and used a lot of the time in a model. And the platform should handle the stripping of the text from malicous code so that when I use the text in a document template it does not brake it. This costs us a lot of time lately. I like to hear your opinion. Regards, Ronald
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I agree on the quality of the rich text editors. However the core functionality of Mendix is not Web Content Management and you can implement your own WYSIWYG editor of choice if really needed. Also the Document Template engine used in Mendix which is under the hood Apache FOP 1.0 is just very limited document generation. If you want more functionality then you need to search for custom Java alternatives or cloud based services.

I hope these functions become beter over time but for now if you need more, go custom.


Was anything implemented for the use of hyperlinks amongst these widgets?
Would love to know if there are any suggested rich text widgets available now.