Configurable Workflows and Forms In Mendix

We have around 3000 Plus forms which require standard workflow approval mechanism with approve,reject, revert options. Creating each of this workflows will take several years and we have a deadline to complete this task of 3 months. Therefor we want to build a workflow mechanism OR Use an existing one which will allow us to configure the workflow participants/actors as well as the form fields with validations etc. We do not want to use the workflow engines like Nintex etc. as that allows configuring only the workflow and does not allow to configure the Form and Form fields. There should also be a feature where we can re-configure the workflow participants/actors and the fields of a particular form at any given point in time. What would be the best approach to achieve this ? NOTE : We do not want to maintain the form fields and the form data in a Vertical fashion in the database rather we want to maintain it in a traditional horizontal fashion.  
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You must realize that 3000+ forms in 3 months = 40+ forms per day. Even with 10 developers that 4+ forms a day.

Making an application ‘Generic’ will have it’s drawbacks:

  1. Deployment and development is more complex due to configurations, especially in bigger teams.
  2. Maintainability is lower and problem solving is harder
  3. You miss the Mendix model consistency checks