Fixing blurry table cell borders in Document Templates

Hi Mendix community, I have the following table cells in a Document Template.   But when I try save the Document Template as a PDF file, I get the following result:   Upon zooming in on the PDF file, I can see that the border lines are in fact lining up, but I don’t know why it appears blurry at 100% zoom scale. How do I fix the blurry lines, and preferably get 1-pixel wide borders on my table?   Bonus question: Is there a list of all valid custom styling options for PDF? Trying out things like ‘justify-content’ to vertically align text causes an error, as does many other normal CSS attributes, and having to attempt step-by-step to find the valid styling options will end up taking a really long time.   Thank you in advance. Andreas
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Try a border-collapse: collapse style on the table. For vertical alignment I think you need vertical-align: middle on cell  level.

Also I read somewhere Mendix uses Apache Fop 1.0 (not sure if that’s still the case in 8.0, but since the document templates aren’t high on their priorities list I’m guessing it is) so you might want to take a look at this. If you find something better, let us know.