App to display information from Oracle database view

Hello, I am trying to develop a new App that to retrieve data from oracle database  views and display information in Mendix. Based on my little knowledge here is my approach ; Develop a microflow that will use Database connector to query information. Microflow will associated to a data view and will display the information.    I have below  questions :- Is the approach correct. or can anyone suggest a better approach. pls  suggest.   I am using mendix 7.23.5 but unable to download connector for 7.23.5. I went though the app search but unable to find the download link for 7.23.5.  Once i am able to plug in database connector in my project and use retrieve to query, how do i get the results in a list collection within microflow and return the results to data view. is there any example that i can use.  How do i refresh dataview without  having to refresh the page. MAy be i can worry about this later. I can probably have a refresh button.   Pls help me with above questions. Thanks.   
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You can define the database configuration in the Modeler/Studio pro and/or the on premise deployment mendix service console.

See mendix service console documentation

and database settings

Microflows don't concern themselves with database settings. You can retrieve data with a retrieve action but the connection with the database is handled by Mendix.

For your specific question about viewing data in a grid: using a standard data grid is preferable, unless there is a specific reason to use a datasource microflow.

The learning paths in the Academy will help you with understanding the different methods for retrieving data.


Hi, Thanks for the response.

I changed “database settings”  to point to oracle database but how can I use existing Oracle view to fetch data in mendix app.  I understand that I need to create an entity in Mendix->domain model but I don't want mendix to create the entity table in Oracle.  Can I alter mendix runtime to use a database view behind the scenes.

The requirement is to display data from Oracle view. The academy Tutorials, create a domain model and when app is deployed it creates table in the database but in my case I don't want to create the table. I want the app to fetch data from oracle view and display in the app.