Label selector - data source refresh

I am using the label selector in a dialog. Next to the label selector I have a button to open a dialog to add a new object in case the object is not yet part of the labels. I cannot use the default label create feature of the label selector since the save method of the object is somewhat more complex.  The problem is that when I save the object in the dialog and return to the dialog where the label selector is used the source is not being updated and my newly created object is in other words not available to select using the label selector. Any solutions to this?
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I think you’ll need to use a microflow to save the new label in the dialog for that, instead of the standard save button.  To get the list of labels to refresh, you’ll need to commit the context object that the label selector is inside of.  If you create a simple microflow that commits the new label and commits with refresh the context object that the label is associated with, and then use that instead of the save button of the new label dialog, I think you’ll get the new label in your label selector.

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