How to upload shape files in Arcgis widget.

I am using the arcgis widget, which uses URL to retrieve data. But my client has given me shape files in various file formats like  dbf, sbn, sbx,shp and I would like to upload in the arcgis widget.   Kindly help.
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I created the ArcGIS widget available from the Marketplace. If you are using that one, still based on Dojo, you need to alter the code to being able to handle shape files.

Some Esri example code can be found here:

Shape file in ArcGIS JavaScript API v3

This does need a fair understanding of JavaScript for you to being able to alter the widget.

As for the client delivering various different formats, I would try to make sure only one format is used and making sure all other formats are parsed to that one format agreed upon. Else the process as well as widget will become unnecessarily complex

Good luck!