How to relate graphs in a chart?

Hello everyone, I have created the following chart: The blue columns are based on entity “Chart A” with x/y values, the orange coloured line graphs are based on entity “Chart B” with also x/y values. Every point of a orange line graph belongs to a value of one of the blue columns (e.g. the darkest orange point belongs to the darkest blue column). But as you can see, values are absolute. So 0 really means 0 for each graph. Is there a possibility to relate the graphs with each other, so that the 0-point of each “orange value” depends on the beginning of the related blue column? Thanks in advance, Laura
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If the order of the data is always the same in chart A, is it an option to create cumulative values for chart B in order to get the lines on the right height? That might be a workaround in case there's no option to make the charts relatable.