Is there a way to get widget properties in microflow

I am using a single entity object which will have 3 different list formats getting repeated. For eg in the list of this entity, first row will have header values, second row will hold a set of values, second row will have a different set of values.All three together represent one data. I am using this list to populate a table. In the third set, i have around 52 link buttons as 52 columns. I want to find which link button the user has clicked. Since the entire row is one single entity, am not able to find which link button the user has clicked.  Is there a way to get the caption property of a link button in the on click microflow? Or Help me with any other way to do this. Thanks, Karthi  
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This is not possible as default. So you'd have to pass on this data. This might be cumbersome, but what you could do is create a non persistable entity, associated with the entity in the data view. Give this entity an attribute to store whatever info you like. For example a string with the button caption. Create a submicroflow based on the current flow. Create 52 microflows where for each different button, you create a new non persistable object with the button caption. Then pass this to the submicroflow to run whatever you like.

But perhaps someone else has a better solution that doesn't involve creating 52 microflows :)