Structuring the Domain Model: How to build a Multi-layered multiple choice question?

Hi forum,   I am working with Mendix’ Questionnaire module, and so far it has been serving all my needs. However, I need to make an addition to the existing structure which you can see below.   What I need is the following: - A multiple choice question (check boxes, multi select), which has “child questions” based on the checkboxes that are ticked. These “child questions” can be either multiple choice again, or a different input type. See an example below: Do you have a WAN connection(s)? Yes, name of the provider:                                                         Speed of the connection:                            What is the service level? fully managed unmanaged (can be still valid?) What is the contract end date for the connection?         No (can be still valid?)   So if a) is checked, questions i, ii, and iii need to be shown. i is string input, ii are checkboxes, and iii is date/time. If b) is selected, none of the “children” of a) are shown.   Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to build this? I know there is a dependecy structure already in the domain model, but that is meant for interdependency between questions. This would be intradependency within the same question.   In addition, all check box selector widgets in the app store as far as I know of do not allow to be "broken up" like I would need to in the example above (so the i, ii, iii in between the a) and b)). Any tips here?   Thank you and kind regards,   Ruben Nuijten     
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