Image Crop - need to back up image

Hi I’m using the Image Crop widget but only need to use a part of it and having to create microflows to do the rest. Our users need to be able to change profile pictures therefore there’s a change image button, an upload image page, a page where you can crop and save the image. Once the user has progressed to the page where they crop the new image it’s already saved over the old one but we want users to be able to cancel the change and revert back to the original image if needed. We’ve considered a microflow before the upload image page which somehow copies and stores the original image but really unsure what steps we’d need to take to make this happen. Can anyone help me work out how to achieve this? Still really new to Mendix and app development so any ideas would be really useful. Thanks Rebecca
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In the Community Commons you have the duplicateImage action. So retrieve the original picture do the duplication and pass that object so the user can adjust. You can then always retrieve the original picture because that one has not been touched.