Why do Charts have to be placed in a data view?

I’m having a little trouble in understanding the necessity of the chart’s surrounding data view (In my case it’s a Pie Chart). I noticed that the object from the data view does not seem to be affecting the data shown. I’m aware that the object is passed to the data source microflow as a parameter, but is there any use other than that? If not, why is it not possible to omit the data view if not needed (e.g. when the chart’s data source is set to database or when the parameter will not be used in the data source microflow)?   Thanks in advance, Niklas
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Hi Niklas,

The reason that a dataview/context is needed is because the widget framework used to build the charts widget doesn’t support optional context parameter. So you either had widgets that required context and widgets that didn’t. It’s a widget property limitation. 

However, with the new pluggable widget framework it is now possible to build widgets that understand whether they are within a context or not. 

So hopefully in the future this widget will be re-architected to utilize the new framework and you’ll no longer have this issue.