How can I pass parent to microflow on child record?

I have a project that has deliverables. Deliverables are hierarchical: Deliverables consist of deliverables. I have a view on project which has an embedded grid of deliverables. From the deliverable grid I can create a new deliverable. The context of the project is automatically set for that deliverable. Within the deliverable view I have a grid of (child) deliverables. I want the project to be set on a child deliverable as well. That is not done automatically so I wanted to create a microflow for that. However, it is not allowed to provide the parent deliverable as input parameter for a microflow on the child deliverables grid. The question: How can I set the project on the child deliverable?
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First a retrieve (via relation or unique attribute) of the project and then a change of the child with that value. You can do this on open or on save.