Upgrade to 7.23.7 takes more than 24 hours?

After opening an app in the Web Modeler, I was presented with the option to upgrade to 7.23.7 (I believe the old version was lower in the 7.23 range, like 7.23.3). The upgrade started but has not finished yet. Is it supposed to take more than 24 hours? I can do an update in the Desktop Modeler, but no Commits (because of changes committed outside of the Desktop Modeler). Every time I open the app in the Web Modeler, the upgrade animation is still playing and I have no way to get out of it: So my questions: Is it supposed to take this long? The app is not huge (8 Entities in the data model, about 20 Views and Microflows). If it is supposed to take this long (or longer), is there any indication as to how long that might be? If it is not supposed to take this long, what can I do to either cancel or somehow force the upgrade? Thanks in advance!
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It does not take long, instead, it is waiting endlessly. Your changes ‘made outside the Desktop Modeler’ are likely the reason for this upgrade to stall. Remove those changes, do the upgrade and add those changes again.