Dropping context of a reference instead of a whole object

I have an object "Order" which has one reference set to object "Line" and object "Line" has also one reference to "Order". So there are 2 references between "Order" and "Line". Now I want to let te user select a "Line" in a reference set selector in a window of "Order". I know that there are multiple "Lines" in the applications, but I don't seem to see any of them when i open my selection window of my referenceset selector. When I look in firebug I see that the reference set selector is constraining on the reference from "Line" to "Order". I don't want that to happen. Is there a possibility that I can drop the context of one reference and leave the other reference with his context? I hope this description is clear enough.
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Trying setting the "Context" of the reference set selector to "Reset". This should clear all the automatic constraints of the query responsible for filling the reference set selector