Load multiple objects in to one Native Mobile Map

Sorry for the noob question but i can’t make it work. I would like to add multiple locations to a Map on the home page of an app I’m trying to build. My problem: I can only make it work with showing one location by only providing the first object of the list of locations I get through a nanoflow. If I set the return type of the nanoflow to list I get this error:   How can I load multiple locations from my database into the map? Help would be really appreciated. b.t.w. this is what it looks like when I only load one location:  
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Hi Jip,

Rather than placing the Maps widget in a single Company dataview eith source nanoflow, you can set the source of data for the widget to nanoflow, and retrieve all locations:


Also, it seems your latitude and longitude are switched: that will often end you up before the coast of Africa.


Good luck!