Is the Export Mapping to json broken in 8.1.0?

Hi, When I try to export a graph of non-persistent entities to JSON the result contains only the top entity. When I do the same thing with persistent entities, the resulting JSON contains the entire entity graph. It looks like that the export does not retrieve the associations of non-persistent entities. Is this the expected behaviour? Thanks   The JSON structure I used: {   "name": "TestFilter",   "parameters": [     {       "filterType": "Organisation",       "values": [         "Amazon",         "Microsoft",         "Facebook"       ]     },     {       "filterType": "People",       "values": [         "Jeff Bezos",         "Bill Gates",         "Mark Zuckerberg"       ]     }   ] }   The entity graphs I used are: The result is visible on the page from which I exported the entities 3 different ways: The export from non-persisted entities with or without microflows only export the top entity. The one that exports the persisted ones (last column), exports everything. This is from a little test application. I would upload it, but I do not know how.   Thanks   Laszlo  
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Hi Laszlo,

That sounds like a bug. I would make sure that all your associated objects are created and associated to your root object to ensure the export mapping expected output. If that still fails, and works with just changing the entities to persistent than I would file a support ticket with a test project.

If you edit your question with the json structure you are using I can try to reproduce it in a test project.