Generating m2ee.yaml with docker-mendix-buildpack

In the documentation of it states: “Features This project uses the same base technology that Mendix uses to run the application in Cloud Foundry (the mendix cloudfoundry buildpack). Compilation of a Mendix application from project sources Automatic generation of the configuration (m2ee.yaml) ” My question is, is it only possible to generate the m2ee.yaml in CloudFoundry or is the statement implying that it should be possible to do this regardless of CF?
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Hi Herman,

I am not sure if your question is “Does it generate m2ee.yaml in a Docker build?” or “Can I use this to auto-generate m2ee.yaml for my stand alone server?”

If the first one, then yes. It essentially creates a Docker container and then downloads and runs the exact same build scripts from the CF Buildpack GitHub.

If the second one, then perhaps but I have never managed to actually find the m2ee.yaml file itself, as I think it works a bit differently to the stand alone server.

I know it is a bit late, but I hope this helps.