Mindsphere Assets in an Dropdown

Hello together, i have a problem. My goal is it to Show the Assets from the mindsphere in an drop down so that users can choose their machines from their. But this doesnt work i become only an empty dropdown. If i use the mdsp Asset View all Assets are shown but i only want to show them if they need so in an dropdown. Can somebody help me to solve this ?    Regards Georg
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Hi Georg,

that’s possible but not that easy, but with the help of a reference selector possible.

What  I achieved looks like:


User can select an asset in a dropdown and below he sees the details.


How to achieve this:

  1. Include the MindSphere Asset Management Connector into your project
  2. In your Domain Model create an entity called ‘SelectedAsset’ which has an association to MindSphereAssetManagementConnector.Asset

  3. A microflow creating and returning an instance of SelectedAsset. Let’s call him GetSelectedAsset.
  4. A microflow return a list of assets. Have a look in the Siemens MindSphere Pump Asset Example there is a microflow called DS_GetAssets. Your once should look more or less identical.
  5. A page with a DataView as DataSource choose Microflow and select the GetSelectedAsset.
  6. In the Data View add a ReferenceSelector. At the general tab select the asset name as Attribute and on the Selectable objects choose the Microflow DS_GetAssets.
  7. Finally, you can add some text boxes showing the description.



Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your detail guideline. It was very useful to let me understand mendix and mindsphere integrated. 

However, i was following your guide except the DS_GetAsset i'm using the default. 

Im getting 1 error when i compile. Can you help to check what kind of error of this?

Thank you.