Mendix Advanced Developer Certification Training Course

Dear All, My name is Georgios Giannakopoulos and I found Mendix very interesting and very challenging with many opportunities.  I would like to know – if you know – that the Mendix Advanced Developer Certification Training Course will become available online, as the certification rapid developer, with online videos and online examination.   Thank you very much for your time 
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The Advanced certification is a practical exam. You need to work with the modeler and Sprintr and show your hands-on skills to pass the exam.

I recon it would be possible to make this an online exam, but I also think Mx won't make this exam available online.

Contact them at


Practical experience is necessary. There is no doubt on that!

As far as I can see from the website this is for the Expert Developer Certification.

The description which they stating I think is vague! 

They specify as “To become certified as an Advanced Developer, you need to successfully complete the Advanced Developer Exam. The best preparation for this exam is to follow the Advanced Developer Learning Paths or to attend the Advanced Developer Classroom Course”.

However, I followed your advice and I contact them at

I’m looking forward to hearing from academy.


What they mean with following the learning paths or the course (class room education with fellow devs) is quite simple:

They prep you for the Advanced Exam, this exam is taking about 2 - 3 hours in which you need to work on a given assignment.

After that set time you need to turn in the assignment and you will be graded for it.

Based on your score you'll either pass or fail the exam.



They expert certification is focused on your other (non) technical skills. 

You need to turn in proof of your skills, a project portfolio and recommendations for your customers.

Together with an interview this might result in a Expert certification.


As far as I know, you can only take the Advanced exam in Boston, Rotterdam, and London.


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