Mendix calculated entity value does not exist in Mindsphere

Hi,  I have to create report using Mendix with asset data from Mindsphere. One of the customer wishes was, that i have to calculate one of the timeseries values. Wich is done by microflow in Mendix and stored/commited in Mendix entity. My issue is that Mindsphere cant find my calculated value, i am getting message “ERROR: relation "assetmonitoring$calculatednox" does not exist”.  However it does exist, if i am tessting locally in Mendix it works fine and calculatedNox has many values, but Mindspherwe cant se them. Does somebody has the same issues? Or  maybe knows why do this accure? I know i am working with persistible and non persistible entities, could this be an issue?        Thanks,   Agnese
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