An object of type Entity should be passed to the page, but no object is available

Hi,  I’me very new to Mendix and I’m thinking that this should be a simple procedure but i’m lost.  How do i pass an Entity object to page? I’m setting up a simple navigation where I would like to Show a page when the user selects the menu.   Please help.  Glenroy
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Dear Glenroy,

There are multiple options:

  • On the button that goes that the NewEdit page, call a microflow: first create the desired object in it (Create Object); then open the desired page (Open Page). It would look like this:

  • On the button that goes to the NewEdit page, use these settings:


As I understood it, the option below is a rather new addition to Mendix. 


Hope this helps.


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Hi Glenroy,

You need to create the object with the Create activity in the microflow and pass that object as an input parameter for the page you are trying to show in your  navigation.