3 warnings remain - how to solve?

Dear Forum, At the moment I am completing the rapid developer's course. However, after having finished tutorial ten, I keep getting warinings, and I was wondering how/if I could solve these. Here are the warnings I am getting: Errors 2 and 3 concern the buttons, which have been adjusted to show up based on the attribute `attended`. They have no actual click function, but I am getting this warning anyway. I imagine that when a project becomes really big, it is easier to dismiss/block these warnings. Is there something I can do about that? The first warning popped up somewhere in the seventh tutorial. I have no idea what to do… Do you have any ideas/suggestions? Thanks beforehand!   Best regards,   Wouter
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The first warning can be resolved by just removing all permissions from the microflow (Open the microflow, open the properties and remove permissions).

The other warnings are showing up, because you have buttons that are not doing anything. Unfortunately you can’t just mute these warnings but you can create a microflow (or nanoflow) that is doing nothing and execute it on button click. This will resolve the warning.


Dear Andreas,

I have tried out your suggestion, but a new warning pops up, saying that the microflow does not do anything. Is there a way to suppress warnings, like in Java?

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