EnumClass - mendix 8 error - alternative to listview item styling?

Hi all,  Since we’ve updated to Mendix 8, we have been getting an error, through testing I have found this is due to the EnumClass widget (https://appstore.home.mendix.com/link/app/2641/) Here is the error:    I have tried working around this (as it is not a platform supported widget, and I’m not sure where to start in trying to fix it).  The styling the enum class applies to the whole listview item is for example – background-color: #F9B002 !important; I have tried to replicate this but I can’t seem to make it cover the whole back ground. This is what it should look like, and how it looks in the mx7 version of the app But so far all i’ve managed to to is this… in mx8   So my questions… Does anyone know how to update EnumClass widget to work is Mx8 (it was last updated 2 years ago) Does anyone know how I can apply a background colour to the whole listview item, based an an enumeration value without using EnumClass widget   Many thanks,  Garion
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Hello Garion, 

While I’ve not used the widget myself, I’d do one of the following to fix this:

  1. To fix the widget you’d need to find in the widget js the query that gets your elements in order to change the class name. If you search for that .className line that is at fault you should find the query just before that which most likely does not reflect new changes in the DOM
  2. To apply backgrounds to the full item, make sure that your background is applied to the <li> element within the list rather than any other child elements

Hope this helps



As this widget has been built by a colleague not working at First Consulting anymore, I decided to update the widget and released a new version of the widget to the public marketplace today. It is working for a listview in Mendix 8(.12.5).

Please let me know if this issue still persists.