Microflow doesnt work with multiple objects

Hello guys, I'm trying to build a simple app in mendix studio pro where there are 2 objects. Client and Order. I want it to be so that when u make a Order that mendix has to check if the credit of the client is suffiecient with the total price of the order. I've made al the pages and created a domain model and a prototype microflow. But i keep getting this error.  Do you know what i'm doing wrong?    
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The message is that on your page only the order is available. If you want to use the entity 'Klant’, you have to retrieve this object over association and not as input parameter.

Input parameter is: Order
First activity: Retrieve over association: Klant
Then you can use that expression.

Hope this helps!


In your expression you only have to type: $Klant/Kredietlimiet < $Order/Totaalprijs
The determine the outcome of the statement using the connectors (sequence flows)