Dynamic Checkbox based Tables

Hi, I am working on the following use-case.  When the user clicks on a button (Say button ‘p’) (the button is on page 1), it should redirect to a page (Page 2)  which takes these inputs: Name, No.Of Rows, and No of Columns. Based on these values, it should redirect to another page (Page 3), which has a table with the specified no of rows and columns, and the table is of checkboxes (user specifies the default checked boxes) and also the names of the each row and column of the table. On clicking save, it should redirect to the Page 1, and display the values (Name and also the Table which was created by the user). Also, if the user clicks on the button ‘p’ again, the same process should be repeated. And at the end, the Page 1 should have the details of both the instances. How should I proceed about this? Can someone pls help? Also, is there any way to create the dynamic table which I mentioned? Is building custom widgets necessary? If yes, how? Thanks.
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Well for starters in your domain model you will need this: