How to upload multiple images (tried file dropper) and associate to an entity

I am new to Mendix and trying to learn Mendix, having challenge implementing below scenario Whenever I create a Practice I would like to upload multiple images (using file dropper) in Picture and associate it with Practice. And then want to view all practices and associated Pictures. To achieve this created a domain model like below, however, I'm not sure how do I achieve this. Can you help with some samples or concepts on how to achieve this?   Created a simple domain model like below    
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Hi Karunakaran,

I created the File Dropper widget, can you please explain what the issue is? Your domain setup seems fine to me. Using that domain model you should be able to automatically set the association.

In your setup, you set the following:

  • (Data) File Entity: PictureTest
  • (Data) Name attribute: PictureTest.Name
  • (Data) Association to context: PictureTest_PracticeTest/PracticeTest

That's all. When you upload pictures, they should automatically be associated with the PracticeTest object

If you create an overview page of all your practices, you could create for example a ListView for the PracticeTest objects, then use a dataview that listens to this listview, which will show a listview of all images, that you got over an association.

Hope this makes sense to you?



Have you tried the dropzone widget?

Hope this helps