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I have the following entity model:   An employee may work on different projects but not all employees work on every project, thus there is a select few employees who can be chosen to work on a task. In addition, employees who have worked on a project in the past, may no longer be working on the project.  Therefore, in the list of employees to work on a task it must show only employees that are associated with the project that are active.  I currently have an input reference set selector inside of a data view attached to the task entity. I have attempted through microflow and Xpath constraint and not entirely achieved my goal – the XPath Constraint : “[MyFirstModule.ProjectMember_Registration_Employee/MyFirstModule.ProjectMember_Registration]” returns only employees that are assigned to any project but it is not limiting them to the task’s specific project, nor the people assigned to the project. Thanks in advance for your help!
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The constraint only limits the employees that have a association with the registration, you’ll need to expand the xpath to include the current project.

So something like [MyFirstModule.ProjectMember_Registration_Employee/MyFirstModule.ProjectMember_Registration/Project_Member_Registration_Project/Project/id = %currentObject%]

Assuming that the reference selector is available on the project and you’re setting the xpath constraint there.