Odata many to many association not clickable.. how to?

Hi, I saw that from Mendix Version 7.21.0 ( https://community.mendix.com/link/ideas/564 ) many to many associations should be able to be used in published Odata resources. I am currently on version 7.23.5 but when I try to use a * – * relation in an Odata published resource these associations are simply not clickable. The associations are displayed with an empty slightly greyed out box in the Select attributes and association screen for the Odata Resource, but are unusable. I've already exposed some attributes of the other entity which is from a different module in the project. I've also enabled read access on the user that is allowed to call the odata service, but to no avail. EDIT: Both Odata services I use to expose the entities are configured ‘as a link’ Edit: See Joosts' comments. The two entities need to be exposed in the same Odata service and not in two separate ones or it doesn't work. Are there some extra steps that need to be taken to use * – * in Odata?
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Did you set the Associations to be represented as links?