PopUp after Event

Hi community, how is it possible to show a popup window after an event? For example when a date is reached (or 1 week before) then show pop.
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What do you mean with event?

Should this be shown when the user logs in? Or do you want a page to be open and show the popup whenever something happens?

You could add a microflow timer to your page that triggers a microflow periodically. This microflow could check if your event is reached. If so, it could show a message to the user. You may need to track if the message for a certain event has already been shown or not. If you work with multiple users, you may need to store this information for each user.


I want to show after login a pop up one week before an end date (for every user). How can I make this popup dynamically?

(7 days before: end date is in 7 days, 6 days before: end date is in 6 days…..)

How should the microflow look like?