Non-editable data view

Hello, I've got a data view with the editable property set to Yes. The enclosing Data View is also editable. In the designer it looks like its editable. But as soon as I used it in the deployed app, it's non editable. I've used this construction in various places in my app and everywhere else it's editable. Any ideas why this isn't ?
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Hi Chris!

Does the object you are trying to load over association exist? 
Or is the object AttachedDocument a new object?

In that case the dataview is not editable and you have to creat an object. 
For example in the DataView with as datasource a microflow.

Hope this helps!


Hi Wout,

Thanks for your answer. Indeed, the object does not exist. According to your suggestion, I created an object in a microflow and passed it on to a new page I created. Unfortunately I end up in the same situation.

Kind regards,



Hi Wout, 

I attached four screenshots .

Forum1.png with the properties of the list view.


Forum2.png with the properties of the data view.

Forum3.png with the microflow, which is  triggered by  the Add button.

Forum4.png with the relevant area of the datamodel.

Thanks for your assistance.