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Hi all, I have got a closed infrastructure without access to the Internet at all. Can I deploy a Mendix infrastructure in there? I would like to have my own AppStore, my own TeamServer. I would like to have some existing tools, actions and blocks (from the Toolbox from Mendix Studio Pro) and create my own ones. Regards, Anton
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Hi Anton,

You can create a Mendix deployment in a no-internet environment. Here I assume your development machines do not have internet access.

For your development machines:

  • You will not:
    • have access to Mendix Studio
    • be able to reach the standard Mendix app store
    • use application templates in the new app workflow that is built-in to Studio Pro
  • You can:
    • Use Studio Pro to develop your application
    • Create an “Starting point” application (with a common theme, building blocks, modules, widgets, etc.), export it, and make it available for others to use. Simply double-clicking the exported MPK file will extract it as a new project for another user.
    • Install your own SVN-based repository and upload a new app to that SVN server instead of the Mendix team server: https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/upload-to-version-control-dialog
    • Build your own app to store Mendix content (apps, modules, widgets, themes). Or, you can use any other system you like as a document repository. Importing content into your app would then be done by following this guide: https://docs.mendix.com/howto/integration/importing-and-exporting-objects


In your deployment environment:

  • The main challenge you could face is making sure you have the correct versions of the Mendix runtime available for your app builds. By default, Mendix buildpacks reach out to a CDN to get the correct runtimes based on the model being deployed. Here is some documentation covering how to run a Cloud Foundry container architecture without internet access : https://github.com/mendix/cf-mendix-buildpack#offline-buildpack-settings. I believe these settings could work with a Kubernetes architecture as well.

Additionally to erics’ answer;

You mention you do have a no internet infrastructure.

My question: does this relate to the application server and users or also for development?

Because I can understand that the usage of the app and thus the deployment infrastructure being in a closed environment. But that doesn't mean by default that development must be in the same closed environment. You can easily develop an app using the online services like Sprintr, appstor, TeamServer etc. while deployment is done through package creation and passing that into your closed infrastructure.