Change default application language automatically

I have a multi language application. I am using the locale switcher widget, to make sure that each user gets a login page in their own language, but I would also like to show the login validation in that same language. This is not possible, because Mendix always uses the default application language to decide in what language the login validation messages will be shown. It seems that the only way to show login validation messages in different languages is to change the default application language automatically based on the language of the user who wants to login, but I have not found a way to do so.  Has anybody been struggling with the same issue and found a solution?
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What you are asking is a contradiction.

You want to show the login validation to the user in the language of the user which failed to sign in; hence the user is not signed in and thus not known.

How would it even possible to determine the user language?

And even if you could hack around to obtain the users language based on their User/Name even then I would say thats a security breach; because if I want to know the language of a certain user, I would easily do a failed sign-in. see the message in the users language. Guess that’s not what you want. 

Option I would like to have in Mendix is that  it shows the validation in the language set in the browser of the user ;-)