E-mail module with templates (Encryption, Mx Model reflection)

Currently im trying to setup the whole mailing system in my app. What I did so far is: 1. Download the 3 modules (E-mail module with templates, Encryption and Mx Model reflection) 2.  I created a module “EmailTemplateCustomization”  I copied the microflows from the EmailTemplate module (from the folder use me → examples) and pasted them in my own module i created a admin page and dragged the ‘administration snippet in this page   3. I created another new module “EncryptionCustomizations” I created 3 pages and copied the snippets from the Encryption module into these pages.    What I need to know: Which microflows do i need to copy from the encryption module to my own “ecryptionCustomization” module hich do I have to reuse? (what are generic microflows?) Do I have to create another new module for MxModelReflection? Do I have to recreate all the pages in the use_me folder of the MxModelReflection module? Which microflows do I have to copy to my new module (MxModelReflection module)? Which microflows do I reuse (MxModelReflection)?   Sorry for the many questions but I just can’t figure out how to get it to work.   
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Unless you want to adapt MxModelreflection or the encryption module you do not have to create your own customization module. Just create navigation to those pages so you can use those modules.  And the mail module only uses the encrypt and decrypt microflows so for that module you only have to fill the EncryptionKey constant. For the MxModelreflection you need to be able to reach the page MxObjects_Overview so you can set the modules you are using and refresh the objects.  And do not forget the ASu_CheckMetamodel for the after startup action.

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@Ronald Catersels
So your second sentence "Just create navigation to those pages so you can use those modules"
→ To which pages do I need access to in order to send an email?

→ The Constant ‘EncryptionKey’ → Can I e.g. set this to ‘MyNameIsJohnDoe’? = 15 characters

→ And what do I need to do with the ASu_CheckMetaModel?


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