How are the challenges selected?

Good Morning, today, I have some new challenges (I believe everybody does). Comparing the challenges I get every month, I was wondering if there are any selection rules. Are they just randomly selected? Or are there any rules? This time I have challenges worth 200 credits in total, in some other months I had single challenges with 200 credits (and the total was way more). I’m not complaining about this. I am just curious how this works (Yes, I am a fan of transparency). Does anyone have more background about this?
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I’m curious to know as well!

Also I'm not opposed to knowing some more details of a challenge. Let's take the ‘Give a presentation about mendix’ challenge for example. Does that one only count for giving a presentation on a Meetup or can i give a presentation to potential client about mendix. I'm assuming the former. But It's not really stated.


I also don’t have new challenges by today. Thats interesting with the meetup account.