Community commons RunMicroflowAsyncInQueue action

I’m trying to use the CommunityCommons RunMicroflowAsyncInQueue action. Does anyone have any working examples of this action? When I try and run a microflow with it everything in the microflow is empty. It doesn’t seem to get context at all.  I tried checking for examples or instructions but could find none. I checked out the sample project for Community Commons in git but there didn’t seem to be any examples for the microflow actions in there.
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The comments in the module say it only runs in the System context, so it won't have access to the CurrentUser.

If you are looking at queues, I currently use the Queue module on the App Store. It's really easy and has good examples. I would strongly recommend you take a look. You can get it to run as a specific user, though that is slower than running as the Systen.

Hope this helps.