Plotly - customdata access during on click event trigger

Hi, I am using anychart (Plotly )for Pi graph. I am trying to utilize customdata , which can be set during Pi chart display (like we do for “label” and “value”) and  then afterwards during on click event trigger want to access this customdata value. But, so far no luck. Any suggestion or workaround will be highly appreciated.  
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Hi Sinan,

Thanks for your reply.

Not sure what you exactly mean by “chart value”.

This is How I am doing –

1.Set up a dashboard page with data source as microflow which returns “Chart” Entity.

2.Inside MF, populate Chart->ChartData (unlimited string),  with “label” and “value” needed for pie chart.

3.Use Anychart widget inside this page and Chart->ChartData as the source attribute.

4.For Event, use the same as above ChartData as Event data attribute and call a on Click MF.

5.Inside on click MF, print ChartData.I notice the widget sets many parameters like value,label and others.But I am not able to pass any custom attribute/value, which I can access here.Any custom field comes as Empty here.

How to achieve this?



Did you try to get the "chart value” as parameter to your on change microflow, wherafter you can do your custom logic execution?