Resources directory vs. Deployment/Web/Resources vs. Deployment/Model/Resources

Hi all, When trying to update some Swagger UI files in the /resources directory of an application built with an older version of the modeler, I ran across an issue that frequently confuses me. Changes to files stored in the /resources directory are not reflected in the mirrored files in the /deployment/web/resources directory when the app is compiled. E.G. if I update the /resources/index.html file and compile the application and then navigate to http://localhost:8080/resources/index.html it doesn’t show these updates, because the page being served is actually the index page in the deployment/web directory, and that page doesn’t update. Cleaning the deployment directory doesn’t help either. Also, the /deployment/model/resources/index.html file DOES seem to update every time the application is compiled, but I don’t see the purpose of the files in this directory. Can someone sort out what the differences are between all of these directories? What’s the proper way to update pages in the /resources directory so that the changes show up in the cloud environments?
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