Update page from microflow

Hi,  I'm trying to pass a value to a page through microflow, i am using activity show page. Should i pass the value? What widget should i add to the page?  Tanks!
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Hi Lital,

If this is the level of problems you run in to I recommend you go through the academy learnings: it may take some time but saves you a lot of time and frustrations in the long run.

On Topic: in your microflow you can create and/or edit objects, to contain the value you want to display. This object can be passed to a page and displayed using a dataview widget. If it is static text, you can simply add a text element and add it to your page.

Good luck!


If you want to retireve a value from a page to a microflow or from a microflow to a page, you have to pass that value in a object (inside an attribute). 

If that value does not need to be stored you can try to use non persistable entity, but a lot of time, it is not possible and you will have to use persistable object.