Facing issue with Internet Explorer and Firefox

I want to display all data of page in Uppercase when I click on Show data in Uppercase. Here I used css like text-transform:uppercase on Layout Grid and also created boolean attribute for displaying data. When trying to copy/paste Uppercase data in Non-Mendix application or Wordpad at that time it’s displaying me Normal font data not Uppercase data. It’s working fine in Google Chrome but I’m facing issue for IE and Firefox.When application run in Internet Explorer or Firefox and copy/paste data it’s not reflected as excepted. For Example-SUBMITTED In Chrome- For uppercase- SUBMITTED and Normal Case- Submitted (Working as expected) In Internet Explorer- For uppercase-Submitted and Normal Case- Submitted (Uppercase reflected in Normal Font) In Firefox- For uppercase- Submitted and Normal Case- Submitted (Uppercase reflected in Normal Font)
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Well I’ve looked it up for you, apparently the W3C CSSWG standard has decided that text-transform should not apply to plain text copy and paste.
So it seems Chrome is the exception and not the expected behaviour as such.

In any case it’s not a Mendix thing, but just how different browsers have decided to implement things.




As far as I can tell this is a deliberate choice by the Firefox and IE developers – they believe the underlying text is the “correct” text that should be copied. You’ll probably have to transform the text back-end or in Javascript so you can display it without using text-transform if you want Firefox to copy it as uppercase. Related Firefox bug thread, closed as “won’t fix” https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35148