SAML SSO setup login.html redirect

Hi Community, I am working on the implementation of Single Sign On using the SAML module. I got this working, besides one point.  We want to have Single Sign On in place besides a functionality to login with normal username/password credentials.  See the below snippit from login.html. The sign-in with Windows button works and redirects to /sso/. The regular 'sign in’  button however also redirects to /sso/ and I cannot figure out how to change this. Does anyone have ideas?    Configuration used: Statics:  DefaultLoginPage : login.html DefaultLandingPage : index3.html Copied index.html and renamed to index3.html.  Added <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" /> to index.html.  I assume the problem is that after signing-in from login.html, the user is redirected to index.html which redirects to /SSO/.  Hope someone can help, Timo
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I think you could do without the index.html redirect?

If user requests ‘index.html’, Mendix wil check is user is authenticated and wil automatically redirect to ‘login.html’ if needed. Else user will land on his/her homepage.


Change the name of login.html to anything else, e.g. login-local.html. Then by default users will be redirected to index3 after logging in.


PS: Don’t ask why it works like that or why I know this.


:)  Thanks for the reply!

However, it does not seem to work in my case. After logging in it redirects to index.html, which redirects to /sso/ due to the meta tag.