Non-Persistable entities, state and garbage collection

I have three non-persistable entities that are populated through web service REST calls.  All three are displayed on the same page and gets changed depending on filters that the user selects.  After changing filters a number of times I start getting the “Request state size of # objects exceeds the threshold of # objects” message.  I can tell that the state keeps getting increased on each submit by the number of rows in the object.  For example, one entity shows five rows on each submit and I can see the state for that object increase by 5 on each submit.  I know I can raise the threshold but that doesn’t seem to solve the memory leak.  I’ve read in the Mendix documentation that non-persistable objects are supposed to have automatic garbage collection.  Can anyone tell me why these state objects aren’t getting reset with every submit and cleaned up?  Thank you.
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Dont think non persistable objects will get cleaned up when they have a relation to an object that is still on your page. Or linked to your session or something like that. Some normally removing such a relation should do the  trick. When there is not a page or microflow currently using the object, it should get cleaned up.