Chart Event - sends empty object after second click

Hi, I am displaying data in a chart (using Mendix 8.3). to do so, I turn persistant data into helper objects that are non-persistant data to display in the chart. I want to be able to click any bar displayed and show details for this particular set of data, so I configured the OnClick Event to show a popup (VarinceLevel). The popup takes the object in input and uses it as a context to display more data.   This works fine and I can select any bar in the chart, but if I click a bar more than once, it displays an empty table for it. It still displays data for any item that is selected for the first time. I tried to replace the call to a page with a microflow and when debugging it I can see that the object given to my microflow is instanciated but only has default vlues (0 or empty). Thank you, Sebastien
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Mendix support gave me the solution:

Not all one-to-one association values are communicated correctly from the Mendix Runtime to the Mendix Client. This could lead to values that seem to be missing in views, but which are present after a reload.
Workaround: Explicitly commit autocommitted objects in a microflow to ensure the results are correctly sent and shown

Committing the list of objects given to the Chart Widget solves the issue.