Nanoflow timer with more options

Hi there! I’ve been working with the Microflow Timer widget which works great for triggering my nanoflow with an interval.  But for my application, I would like to trigger nanoflows based on their distance to a location (better for battery usage). So I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to achieve this in the best way possible. Thank you very much!   Widget source:
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Unfortunately that type of optimization is not possible in the widget itself. The nanoflow is executed client side and has no knowledge of the distance. But… There is a "Timer Status Attribute" that essentially can do the job. If your context object changes (let's say you use this dataview to determine if you are in range of the location), then the Microflow timer can be switched on/off using that attribute.

You'll still need to determine this location on a time-basis, so I am not sure how much battery optimization you can do at that point.