Error :“Compilation of Java action failed”

I am facing the error while running locally as shown in below screenshot. I tried below steps several times: - Project → Synchronize with Project directory (F4) - Project → Clean Deployment Directory Still I am facing error “Compilation of Java action failed”     View Error Details:     Please go though this screenshot and help me how should I resolve it during locally run.( I created this project in old version Mendix 7.23.4 and I am using it in Mendix 8.0.0 error free code)
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Hi Raju,

From the error it looks like an issue with the email with templates module? I think its related with the javax package being changed in java 11 (mx8 is using java 11, mx7 is using java 8). If you upgraded your project from mx7, I would also upgrade this module. In the appstore there is a release for mx8 compatibility.